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Moving From Retire To Inspire

5 star review
5 star review

Excellent entertainment
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 26, 2020

This book is fabulous, its a hilariously funny, but also honest and inspiring. In a time of lockdown and the unknown future this book brought me out of the dark depths of worry into the sunlight. I would highly recommend this book to everyone of any age, as you never know when you will one day wake up a senior! It would be a great gift also.

5 star review
5 star review

It’s time to celebrate!
Reviewed in Australia on April 21, 2020

I started reading this book and thought that it was a sometimes amusing, sometimes sad, sometimes laugh-out- loud-funny celebration of senior citizenship.
As I read further, it slowly became apparent that it was a celebration of life, by a woman who has led a full one. And who is still living it.
So I am moved to cry, ‘You go, Girl!’